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Design And Implementation Of A Database For The Estimation Of Environmental Indicators In An Input–output Framework With The Use Of NAMEA Tables


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A. Belegri-Roboli, M. Markaki, P. Michaelides, J. Milios, T. Papakyriakopoulos & I. Tsolas


The aim of the present paper is to design and implement a database for the estimation of environmental indicators by sector of economic activity at the macroeconomic level by means of input–output analysis with the use of NAMEA environmental tables. The database is programmed in VBA with the use of SQL queries and is implemented in a Microsoft Access environment through a friendly interface for inserting the data requested by the model (number of sectors, number of pollutants, etc). The computational results of the dataset of the relevant pollution coefficients (direct, indirect and total) by sector of economic activity are inserted in the database for further elaboration. Through the creation of the database we can pinpoint the sectors and the pollutants that cause the largest environmental load and compare the results with the corresponding databases of other countries. Keywords: database, VBA, SQL, environmental input–output, NAMEA. 1 Introduction The increasing interest in regulating and controlling air pollution on a European and international level reveals the need for developing the means for the qualitative and quantitative estimation of the various air pollutants. An all


database, VBA, SQL, environmental input–output, NAMEA.