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Social And Irrigation Water Management Issues In Some Water User’s Associations Of The Low Segura River Valley (Alicante, Spain)


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H. M. Puerto Molina, A. Melián Navarro, M. C. Rocamora Osorio, A. Ruiz Canales, J. M. Cámara Zapata & R. Abadía Sánchez


In the region of the Low Segura River Valley, in the southern area of the Alicante province, the reduction in irrigation water availability and the political debate draw a difficult situation for agriculture. During recent years, as a result of the application of the National Irrigation Plan, irrigated areas are being modernised, improving their irrigation network infrastructure. But, for modernisation to go beyond isolated or point measures, it should spread through all procedures that allow the Water User’s Associations comprehensive management and control of irrigation water. The work presented here aims at analysing and quantifying the problems and needs perceived by some WUAs about irrigation. A survey was made by a 76 items questionnaire structured in four main topics: i) WUA identification and general information; ii) aspects related to decision making and management processes; iii) services for members provided by the WUA, and iv) future perspectives and improvement possibilities. Keywords: WUA, water use, survey, irrigated agriculture, water availability. 1 Introduction The Southern area of the province of Alicante, in which this work was made, corresponds to the region of the Low Segura River Valley that gathers 27


WUA, water use, survey, irrigated agriculture, water availability.