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A Study On The Future Of Urban Models In The Third Millennium: A Sustainable Urban Model For Kırıkkale, Turkey


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K. Özcan & F. Eren


The aim of this paper is to determine an urban model for Kırıkkale city according to the sustainable urban development potentials and dynamics. This model is dependent on the many planning decisions which include the assessment of ecological potentials, the foundation of urban open–green system and also the reorganization of the neigbourhoods in the city as the clusters. In this paper, the methodology is based on the cluster analysis which consists of the assessment of the neighbourhoods in the city as named clusters and also transferring data onto maps according to the sustainable urban development dynamics and future potential. This paper focused on Kırıkkale city which is at an early stage for sustainable urban models in Turkey, but this paper also contributes towards the debate and study of sustainable urban models in Turkish towns according to the methodology. Keywords: sustainability, urban development, urban model, Kırıkkale. 1 Introduction The globalization process has brought shifts in power from national or local governments to international corporations. So national or local governments have been pressed to reduce their roles in controlling the flows of goods, capital and information flowing across their boundaries because of the progress in the communication and transportation technologies and systems. As a result of this


sustainability, urban development, urban model, Kırıkkale.