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Strategic (spatial) Planning Approach In Turkey: New Expectations


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P. Ozden


The 2000s have been the years when comprehensive changes have begun to be lived in terms of public administration and planning. Legal formations realized in this short period of time have strongly modified the contents of public administration and planning, and have revealed new expectations. At this point, both urban planners and local governments have started to review their point of views about planning. Today, the fundamental actors of urban planning in Turkey query themselves and the legislators as to whether the concept of strategic planning can be a magic wand for the planning systems of Turkey, which has continued in a problematic manner since the very beginning. Within the scope of this study, questions such as the meaning of the concept of \“strategic plan”, its legal basis, and the new urban order that it shall create shall be analyzed. Keywords: strategic planning, sustainability, governance, Turkey. 1 Introduction When the few and very elementary experiences of the past are left aside, it can be suggested that Turkey has once again got acquainted with the concept of strategic planning during the last one or two years. The laws made one after another after year 2004 granted many institutions with the authority to make strategic plans. Based on this authority, the major institutions of urban management started to prepare their strategic plans. However, certain problems arose at this point. There were sharp differences between the mentality of strategic planning set forth by the laws and the policies and the implementations maintained by the institutions. Furthermore, this situation also caused a


strategic planning, sustainability, governance, Turkey.