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Air Quality Real-time Operational Forecasting System For Europe: An Application Of The MM5-CMAQ-EMIMO Modelling System


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R. San José, J. L. Pérez & R. M. González


Three dimensional air quality modelling systems have experienced a considerable advance during the last decade. Sophisticated numerical methods have also been developed to gather most of the computer capabilities, which have also experienced important advances. Parallel computing is also an option that is considered more and more important nowadays due to the relatively slow process of single computer processors during recent years. In this contribution we have implemented an air quality real-time operational forecasting system that covers all of Europe by using the MM5-CMAQ-EMIMO air quality modelling system. This system is a step forward from the already developed system that covered the Iberian Peninsula in 2002. The CMAQ 4.5 version (September, 2005) has been incorporated into the application. MM5 and CMAQ models are respectively the meteorological mesoscale and the dispersion drivers. The EMIMO model has been progressively updated by using the new Corine Land Cover for Europe (EEA) with 100 m spatial resolution. We have developed a GIS oriented Internet interface that allows the user immediate access to pollution time series and hourly maps for the next 48-72 hours forecast for criteria pollutants (those limited by the corresponding EU Directives). The visual information is adapted to the specific legislation for each pollutant so that the information is related to the possible exceedances of the different concentrations averaged over different periods of time.