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Linking Water Quality And Simulation Models


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J. P. Arquiola, Á. R. García & J. A. Álvarez


Júcar river water resources system is located in the East of Spain, a typical Mediterranean basin with very spatial–temporal irregular pluviometry and a high use of the water resources. The area of \“La Ribera”, the last part of the river, is where the main part of the use is located. Due to these demands and their returns this area presents several important water quality problems such as low concentration of dissolved oxygen and high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous, etc. This paper explains the link between a water quality model and a simulation model in order to improve the water quality of this part of the river maintaining the guarantees of the demands of the system. The first step was building a water quality model of the low part of the river with the module QUAL2E. A model of 8 constituents—conductivity, suspended solids, CBOD, dissolved oxygen, ammonium, nitrate, nitrites and phosphorous— was developed, calibrated and tested. By the other side, a simulation model for the entire Júcar basin was available. This model was developed using the SIMGES module. SIMGES is part of the Decision Support System AQUATOOL. With the goal of improving the water quality on the river, an application has been developed to connect both models. Several wastewater treatment and management alternatives can be combined and tested with the application. The simulation model estimates the flows and returns in the river that can then be used as input for the water quality model. The results of the water quality model represent the efficiency of each alternative. This approach allows us to achieve the best alternative that assures the water quality physical-chemical conditions for aquatic life and the lower impact over the guarantees of the demands. Keywords: water quality, water management, simulation models, QUAL2E, SIMGES, AQUATOOL, Júcar River.


water quality, water management, simulation models, QUAL2E, SIMGES, AQUATOOL, Júcar River.