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WISKI – A Time Series Data Information System To Support River Basin Management


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F. Schlaeger, J. Stein & D. Witham


Hydrological network data is increasingly demanded by hydrologists, engineers, decision makers and the general public. This means for hydrologists that they have to process the raw data into quality controlled information in an efficient way. The hydrological information system WISKI offers a broad range of standardized quality assurance procedures to fulfil these requirements. Keywords: data quality assurance, hydrometric network, information system. 1 Introduction The demand for information about different measured hydrometric parameters such as precipitation, water level or flow is increasing in quantity and quality significantly. This is regarding the use in hydrological modelling, water management techniques and public information. Today the level of information technology available represents an ideal base for hydrological information systems optimised for acquisition, data evaluation and dissemination of verified hydrological and ecological data sets. Consequently, the demand for tools for quality assurance during the whole process is on the increase. For the successful quality assurance of hydrometric network data, work at different levels such as hydrometric standards, workflows, software and data security is needed. In addition to the data value itself, the user must be supplied with information about the data quality and the processing history of data values. Most of these requirements can be complied by a hydrometric information system set up in a relational database environment. Typical elements such as time series plots, tables, reports, GIS functionality should be available as a user interface. For high acceptance Windows-compatibility and office integration is desirable. All data quality information should always be available.


data quality assurance, hydrometric network, information system.