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Library ILM-River For Simulation And Optimal Control Of Rivers And Hydropower Plants


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T. Pfuetzenreuter & Th. Rauschenbach


ILM-River is a universal MATLAB/Simulink-toolbox for the simulation and control of rivers and cascades of hydropower plants. The tool consists of two libraries, one for modelling rivers and reservoirs and the other one for the control of individual hydropower plants or cascades of such plants. The libraries contain modules, which can be associated with each other. The parameter estimation of the modules is left to the engineer. Keywords: optimal control, real-time control, reservoir modelling, control of hydropower plants. 1 Introduction The optimal design of an automatic control of rivers and reservoirs requires always an analytical model of the behaviour. If simulation techniques are used for determining the control parameters a simulation model is necessary, which has to be constructed from the analytical model. The MATLAB / Simulink toolbox ILM-River was created for this purpose. It resulted from studies of the design of new control strategies for the reservoirs of Danube Hydropower Austria in Vienna. The toolbox consists of the modules River-MOD and River-CON. River-MOD implements simulation models that are needed for modelling a river section with its characteristics. New control oriented hydrodynamic models were developed for River-MOD, which are well suitable for the design and the verification of control strategies [4]. A precondition for its effective application is the possibility to build a model for a river section in a short time. Therefore, for each of the developed models a simulation block was constructed as part of MATLAB / Simulink. These simulation blocks are combined into the library


optimal control, real-time control, reservoir modelling, control of hydropower plants.