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Croatian Aspect Of Emission Inventory


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Z. Juric, J. Burek & D. Vesligaj


This paper shows Croatian efforts in the implementation of the integrated National Emission Inventory System (NEIS), which is an important monitoring tool in the environmental policy chain. The data from the NEIS are also used for the preparation of annual emission inventory reports in accordance with commitments from the United Nations Framework of Climate Change Convention and the Long-range Transboundary Air Protection Convention. The first part of the paper gives background information on Croatian international obligations, national institutional and organizational arrangements and the structure of the NEIS, which consists of two main elements: (1) Cadastre of Emissions in Environment (CEE) and (2) Air Emission – Data Exchange Module (AE-DEM), is analyzed. Furthermore, the results of inventory preparation process are described, with a brief explanation of the methodology used, emission trends and country specifics. It could be concluded that Croatia has recently made significant progress in the establishment of an effective emission inventory system. In spite of this, continual improvement still remains the main objective in the inventory preparation process. Keywords: emission inventory, NEIS, cadastre, AE-DEM software package. 1 Introduction Emission inventory is one of the main facilitating components of the environmental management system and it is necessary for planning, implementation and evaluation of air protection policy at different national levels. In this respect, efforts have been made to find the modalities for technical and financial support to build capacities for establishment of effective national emission inventory system.


emission inventory, NEIS, cadastre, AE-DEM software package.