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Implementation Of A PC-based Data-logger Software For Air Pollution Monitoring Networks


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G. Latini, L. Magnaterra, S. Tascini & G. Cencioni


Automatic acquisition of meteorological and air pollution data is a central aspect in environmental monitoring. A monitoring network is composed of a set of stations with complex acquiring devices, a data-logger and a communication system. All the components of the network can be a source of failures. The stations are usually located far from laboratories and are intrinsically prone to malfunctions. This paper describes the most relevant aspects of a new data-logger software, developed by the authors in collaboration with the company in charge of installation and maintenance of the environmental monitoring network of Ancona Province, Italy. The aim of the project was the development of a cost-effective system which is easy to use, maintain and configure, which shall be able to prevent data loss for long time periods. The system is PC-based with the capability of remote configuration and especially remote calibration of acquiring devices. 1 Introduction Environmental monitoring networks are composed of stations with complex, and often very expensive, acquiring devices but the basic role is played by the data-logger that continuously stores data from all devices in the station and sends them, on demand, to the master control centre. Obviously, data-logger breakdowns and/or malfunctions are a primary cause of data loss, also for long time periods if the problem is not quickly detected and fixed [1]. In the environmental monitoring network of Ancona Province, data-logger malfunctions represent the main cause of data-loss, therefore the company in