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Observation Of The Environment Quality In The Metropolitan Area Of The City Of Messina


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G. Cannistraro, A. Cusumano, G. Giaconia, G. Lupo, A. Piccolo, D. Plutino & L. Ponterio


The sustainable urban growth is based on the maintenance of suitable levels of environmental quality in indoor or outdoor spaces, where people live and work. It is well known that, from a micrometeorological point of view, the rural or suburban districts of a city are eterogeneous in their composition; this eterogeneous composition caused changes in meteorological parameters that have produced a particular climatological phenomenon known as \“Urban heat island”. The metropolitan area of the city of Messina mainly stretches in the South-North direction (for about 15 km) and as in the central zone located here are the most important work and recreative activities (banks, offices, cinemas, theatre) so the city is particularly affected by an enormous amount of road traffic, that is the principal cause of all sorts of pollution. In order to get detailed information about the climatic aspects of the city of Messina, in this work a measurement system able to integrate the information by fixed measurement stations, with data recorded in movement using a tram, a new public transport means is proposed in Messina and also some results of the measurements are reported. 1 Introduction The sustainable urban growth is subordinate to the respect of suitable levels of environmental quality into indoor or outdoor spaces. In urban areas the quality of the external air depends on many parameters such as physical parameters like air