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Pyrolysis As A Waste Technology: Perspective And Issues


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Y. Shinogi


We have been conducting research on pyrolysis, its manufacturing technology and the use of carbon products with the objective of promoting pyrolysis as a recycling technology. The merits of pyrolysis include 1) reduction of weight and volume, 2) reduction of bad odors, and 3) increase in handling capability, etc. The degree of merit depends on the source materials and process utilized. The main characteristics of the carbon products are 1) lightweight, 2) porous media, 3) black body, 4) alkaline, etc., which are dependent on the source materials and pyrolysis conditions, such as temperature. The carbon products are mainly used for agricultural soil improvement and deodorizing materials, etc. The pyrolysis process creates carbon products and generates power, thus making it possible to achieve sustainable material circulation systems. Keywords: pyrolysis, biomass, organic waste, carbon product. 1 Introduction Material circulation is essential for building a sustainable society, and recycling technologies are key factors. However, some of the difficulties encountered in approaching this goal are directly related to these recycling technologies. For example, some recycling methods require a large budget to build, operate and maintain the facilities, some are not environmentally friendly, and some require a large space and long operation time, etc. In Japan, although incineration is the most popular recycling technology, it faces extensive criticism over the emission of dioxin gases in the process. In addition, composting is not widely used mainly due to space and time limitations and problems regarding excess nitrogen, etc. There is a high demand for the development of optional recycling technologies.


pyrolysis, biomass, organic waste, carbon product.