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Sustainable Development And Its Impact On Entrepreneurship And Investments


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K. G. Aravossis


In recent years, terms like \“sustainable development” are all the more heard, as we are being sensitized concerning the environmental problems that make our life harder. Such problems have either direct consequences on our daily life (i.e. the greenhouse effect, district desolation, pollution of water resources etc.) or indirect ones (abatement biodiversity, overpopulation etc.). Regarding environmentally compatible entrepreneurship, there are contradictory opinions as to whether it is possible or not. A relevant reasoning that has been expounded is the following. Financial enlargement is a prerequisite of financial development. Now, for financial enlargement, production increase is essential, for which more input is needed. The surplus of this input has two consequences: 1. A more comprehensive destruction of natural resources, 2. A larger output to the environment, in the form of waste. According to the above reasoning, entrepreneurship development is not compatible with environmental protection. On the other hand, another reasoning, which is rather more constructive and progressive, and with which we agree, would introduce the terms of bearing ability, application to the production of environmentally compatible technologies and use of equable forms of energy. So, what we are looking for in this paper can be applied in each section separately. Since we know that no matter how deeply we understand the danger deriving from the destruction of the environment, none of us is disposed to sacrifice his personal benefit for that of society (which is environmental protection), it is imperative to give motives, so that the above will not be of academic interest only, but will be put into practice, for the benefit of all. Concluding, we should stress that environmentally compatible development of entrepreneurship does not constitute ecological sensitivity alone, but is also a prerequisite for the continuance of development. Keywords: sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable development, sustainable investment planning.


sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable development, sustainable investment planning.