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In Concrete Manufactures Eco-compatible Use Of Biosolid Derived From A Wastewater Treatment Process


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G. Siracusa & A. D. La Rosa


in concrete manufactures G. Siracusa & A. D. La Rosa Dipartimento di Metodologie Fisiche e Chimiche per l’Ingegneria (DMFCI), Facoltà di Ingegneria, Università di Catania, v.le A. Doria n.6, 95125, Catania, Italy Abstract A study on the possibility of using biosolid, derived from an industrial wastewater plant, in blends with cement pastes to produce manufactures suitable for construction, has been carried out. In the present work a screening on the chemical-physical characteristics of the biosolid is reported; also described is the methodology used for the preparation of the concrete/biosolid samples and the set of tests applied to evaluate the eco-compatibility of the mixtures. An ESCA (Electron Scanning for Chemical Analysis) study was carried out for the chemical characterization of the composite material. Keywords: biosolid, wastewater plant, concrete, ESCA, eco-compatibility. 1 Introduction Environmental health has become an important issue for industrial policy especially in those areas with a high concentration of industrial plants and pollutants. This is the case of the area located in the eastern coast of Sicily (in the industrial area of Priolo near Siracusa) where the high concentration of petrochemical plants makes the process of environmental recovery very urgent. The waste water treatment plant (run by I.A.S- Industria Acqua Siracusana, S.p.a) collects both industrial (mainly petrochemical) and civil discharges. This plant has a treatment capacity of about 4300 m3/h and collects an amount of biosolid of about 60.000 ton per year. At present, 60% of biosolid is recovered and used as a component for the preparation of cement while the rest is collected in landfill. Our attempt consists of trying to use biosolid in new cement Eco-compatible use of biosolid derived from a wastewater treatment process


biosolid, wastewater plant, concrete, ESCA, eco-compatibility.