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New Methodology For Design Of Moving Bed Filters


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F. Hrdlicka, P.Slavík, O. Kubelka & P. Härtel


Combustion of fossil fuels and waste results in generation of gases that are harmful from an environmental point of view. This fact leads to the development of new types of filters with specific properties. In order to achieve the high quality of design together with efficient use of these filters a new design methodology should be developed. This paper deals with the description of such a new methodology together with the practical results achieved. The new approach is based on concurrent use of the simulation model and physical model of the filter designed. Keywords: moving bed filter, simulation model, fluid flow dynamic. 1 Introduction Production of electrical energy in the Czech Republic is mainly based on the utilization of coal. The usage of coal has two main negative aspects: the coal belongs to resources that are not renewable and during combustion of coal CO2 is generated. The share of electrical energy produced in the Czech Republic by means of coal is about 60%. Other energetic resources are also used in the Czech Republic – mainly nuclear energy and water energy. The potential for the usage of water energy has already been exhausted and the use of nuclear energy has also limits of various kinds that have been already reached in the Czech Republic. A main strategy of the EU (and Czech Republic as well) is increasing efficiency of fossil fuels utilization (mainly coal), increasing the share of renewable energy resources (in CR at first biomass) and higher energetic usage


moving bed filter, simulation model, fluid flow dynamic.