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Air Pollution Monitoring And Management System UWEDAT


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G. Schimak & G. Dünnebeil


UWEDAT stands for a new environmental monitoring system based on Windows NT/2000. It is mainly used in the field of ambient air quality monitoring. The kernel of the system is designed and implemented in such a modular and flexible way, thus it is possible to customize this information system in any thinkable way. But the usage of UWEDAT is not only restricted to monitor air quality. The new UWEDAT system also plays an important role for example in Vienna’s drinking water quality monitoring. Within the following chapters we describe the UWEDAT-NT System. First we focus on the UWEDAT- Kernel then we will give a brief overview about some UWEDAT-tools, like the data navigator built to manage structural metadata and the data inspection tool which incorporates new aspects of data quality assurance. 1 Introduction Since the beginning of the early 1980s we are engaged in building automated and computer aided environmental monitoring systems. During the last 20 years people have learned how important such systems are to reduce effectively air pollutants or other environmental pollutants. An impression, how tremendous the reduction of SO2 or CO was, is given if we compare the annual air quality reports of the 80’s with them of the 90’s in the federal province of Upper Austria [1,2]. This is the result of permanent and consequent environmental monitoring. Information systems like UWEDAT (in former times translated as environmental data acquisition system based on the ability of computer system in 1980 were very helpful to support data collection [3].