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Energy-service Sector: Problems Of Government Regulation


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N. Gorodnova, S. Chernov, E. Shablova, N. Rossetti, A. Berezin


The paper focuses on an energy-service sector and its value to the economy of developed countries. The processes of formation of energy service in Russia and the problems that accompany this type of economic activity are analysed. The subjects of the research are methods, forms, and tools of government regulation in the energy-service sector. The purposes of the research are an explanation of the regulatory mechanisms and influence of the government in the energy-service sector. We evaluated efficacy of the regulatory impact of legal regulations (national and international) on the implementation of the Russian government’s energy strategy and government policy in the sphere of energy conservation and increasing energy efficiency. We used economic analysis of law and individual institutions and comparative-legal method. We established correlation of economic and legal concepts for energy conservation, energy efficiency, and energy services. The characteristics of energy services as a business activity from perspectives of the target object, the legal status of participants, sources of legal regulation were justified. The paper draws conclusions about future trends in the development of government regulation for the energy-service sector (medium term), the prospects for the development of a special (energy) legislation, the possibility and advisability of borrowing positive foreign experience of the regulatory influence of the government in the energy-service sector. Progressive norms of national and foreign laws and business practices of implementation energy-service contracts were evaluated. Conclusions can be used in domestic law-making practices and legislative initiatives of various subjects of law making. Generalizations of contractual practices and recommendations for the use of legal structures in the energy-service sector could be of interest to entrepreneurs. The significance of the research derives from the need for strengthening of government regulation in the energy-service sector, the effectiveness of the use of certain legal forms, methods and tools for these purposes.


energy services, energy conservation, energy efficiency, regulation, private–public partnership