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Active Information System On The Public Spaces Of Andalusia: Andalucía Transversal Laboratory


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J. Sobrino, E. Larive, M. V. Segura, C. Gallardo, D. Hermosilla, J. J. Gómez, P. Baturone, M. D. Monsalve, A. López


The research project must be able to integrate the historical view and new urban and emergences, in an interactive system, with the agents who have responsibilities, interests and desires regarding the public spaces in Andalusia. The research activity is part of a paradigm shift on the public space in the last two decades, from different disciplines, public initiatives, technical documents and intervention actions that are being carried out by active research on the territory, landscape, heritage, production and their associated public spaces. Currently, the generation of data and information processes is reaching such a vast scale, that the main problems facing its management are those of standardization, integration, connectivity and access. Therefore, the main objective of the management and use of the information sources will consist of the comprehensive incorporation of the data from different public and private administrations on the public spaces of Andalusia. Our project is structured in a model register of potential public spaces that allows us to identify the what, where, how and who, in a system-network of a new Europe of cities and citizens of shared spaces. Our basic objectives are articulated through a narrative on public spaces in Andalusia which is structured from a significant, plural and representative selection of existing and potential spaces, noting their scale, position, morphology, function, conflicts, history, uses and potential.


public space, emergent spaces, public urban policies, active methodology, geographic information systems, management of public space