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Defining The Architectural Characteristics Of Multi-purpose Shelters: Drawing Issues Through Analysis Of Disaster Shelters


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B. Shong


This study was initiated to draw the necessary issues required for drafting the architectural guidelines and programs for constructing multipurpose shelters, and analyzes several cases of disaster shelters to survey the perspectives of the requiring party and the proposing party. It analyzes three different types of disaster shelters, draws keywords, and categories them into eight issues through the panel survey. In conclusion, this paper selects the following as the essential factors of disaster shelters: functional, economic, sustainable, safe, comfortable, social, healing, and aesthetic. ‘Functional’ means that the shelter should not only be able to provide a safe environment that protects its residents from wind, cold, heat, earthquakes, or water, but also be designed in a way that even the nontrained are able to build it quickly and easily. ‘Economic’ refers to production costs and also providing options of easily acquirable ingredients. ‘Sustainable’ speaks of both recycling the shelter as a whole, and also processing its deconstructed remnants in an ecofriendly manner. As the shelter structure itself being safe the obvious premise, ‘safe’ requires the shelter to be a space that is safe from crime and also a space that provides psychological safety. ‘Comfortable’ was selected as an essential element in regards to the necessities of housing. ‘Social’ refers to the social, cultural, and religious requirements of a shelter. ‘Healing’ was chosen because there is a need for study in regards to the shelter environment serving as a means of healing the psychological anxiety and wounds, given that the shelter sits within a catastrophe. ‘Aesthetic’ seeks to link the image or sentiment presented by the form to the human aesthetic instinct, leading the influence of recognition and healing to be discovered within the environment that the shelter is place in.


emergency shelter, multi-purpose shelter, planning criteria, architectural guideline, shelter competition, environmental art