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Onion Layers As A Natural Concept And Inspiration To Improve Building Performance


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Z. Shawaf, H. Taleb


Nature is a vast inspirational source which we can learn from. Human beings are guided by nature, because nature is ancient with its 3.8 billion years of existence and knowledge of what works and lasts here on Earth.

Biomimicry is an innovative way to observe, inspire and value nature and henceforth to learn from it and find and derive solutions from natural models to solve human problems. An environmental standard is used to evaluate the status of our innovations. At the present time, mimicking these designs and natural strategies can change our concept of extracting from nature and instead focus on what nature can teach us and how we learn and emulate the shapes, processes and systems in architecture from natural ways. A more detailed understanding of this subject is prepared to solve complicated problems which Mother Nature manages to solve. This project aims to explore, study and develop sustainable solutions by biomimicking elements from the offerings of Mother Nature and following strategies that mirror those natural elements in order to resolve a particular problem within an architectural case study that exists in identical climatic conditions. Moreover, this work focuses on innovative solutions for thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort inspired by nature. Biomimicry is a problem-solving methodology, looking to the natural world for models for new technologies. In multiple disciplines, biomimicry is a successful concept.


biomimicry, sustainable, onion layers, nature, environment, educational building, thermal, lighting comfort, acoustic