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Nature-inspired Solution For Improving Buildings Environmental Performance


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H. Askari, H. Taleb


Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. This paper will show how biomimicry can be implemented in the built environment to improve its current situation in terms of sustainability and to reduce energy consumption by examining the current situation of a chosen location. It will then compare the improvements proposed through biomimicry by analysing the suggested design methods. Black-lip oysters were chosen as the inspirational concept to be implemented in this study, as they have been very important creatures for the economy in the gulf region due to their pearl production. The built environment location chosen is ‘The Women’s Museum’, a well-known cultural project located in the old area of Dubai. It is an area in which pearl diving and pearl trading was once the most important source of income. In this study, new design methods are suggested for the environmental strategies focused on and based on the use of black-lip oysters. The proposed design methods are then studied and examined through simulation software analysis, showing and discussing the differences each design method will make on the specified location. The examined built environment in this study can then be used as a model in order to improve the area on an urban level through biomimicry in the future.


biomimicry, sustainable built environment, energy efficiency, sustainability, UAE