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Achieving Bankable Green Deals In The Commercial Sectors Of Emerging Economies: The Case Of Shopping Malls In The United Arab Emirates


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H. Taleb, Y. Al-Saleh


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for having one of the world’s highest per capita carbon rates. In recent years, however, the UAE has launched a number of sustainability-oriented initiatives with the ultimate aims of both reducing its carbon footprint and greening the image of the country. Most efforts have focused, thus far, on government-led large-scale renewable energy projects. Meanwhile, there is a growing global understanding that as governments have limited financial capacities, a large proportion of green investment is slated to come from the private sector. Given the potential role of the business community in achieving the overreaching aims of sustainable development, this paper examines ways of achieving bankable win–win green deals in one of the UAE’s fastest growing sectors; the commercial sector. Through conducting in-depth interviews and surveys with several retail owners in the UAE, we examined both their current willingness to engage in green entrepreneurial activities and ways to enhance their contribution to achieving a sustainable future for the commercial sector in the UAE. A particular focus was placed on examining the potential of striking win–win deals that involve the incorporation of renewable energy technologies and energy-efficient equipment in shopping malls.


green deals, green entrepreneurship, commercial buildings, UAE