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Combined Management Strategies For The Valorisation And Reuse Of Defence Cultural Heritage And The Promotion Of Sustainable Cultural Tourism


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G. Quattrone


The paper presents a research project aims to support the valorisation of the cultural patrimony of defence sites through a method of combined management of the cultural heritage both for the aspects linked to conservation and also those related to the valorisation, with the creation and the strengthening of the cultural systems. The methodology was applied in some contexts of Calabria Region in south of Italy.

The objectives of the project have been addressed to develop an integrated Action Plan for the management and standardization of defence cultural heritage sites through a direct and constant involvement of the community and the stakeholders, and through the use of methods and procedures for the creative re-use of architectures, territories and sustainable cultural tourism policies.

Expected outcomes were: 1) favouring the sustainable tourism applied to the defence cultural heritage; 2) expanding the potential of the defence cultural heritage research sector; 3) enhancing the dissemination of research results and news in the field of innovative management of defence cultural heritage; 4) increasing the visibility of the social and economic importance of the defence cultural heritage sector; 5) supporting educational and training programmes and activities and also transfer/exchange of knowledge in the sector; 6) developing a common framework of policies aimed at improving the protection, fruition and valorisation of defence cultural heritage; and 7) developing high-value tools and strategies applied to the defence cultural heritage management.


cultural tourism, territorial planning, integrated management, conservation of cultural heritage, reuse