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Sustaining Cultural Industries: Menemen Pottery As A Cultural Heritage


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D. Deniz, O. Mengi, A. C. Ozcan


Urban development today, under the influence of cultural economy, occurs around the production, distribution and consumption of culture. In this respect, sustainability of cultural industries that provide social and economic benefits for future developments is located at the core of the design, culture and planning triangle. Pottery production in Menemen, located at the north axis of Izmir, Turkey, despite its strengths regarding its local and very distinctive production practices, currently falls behind the trends due to the lack of promotion and marketing indicators and is in need of new branding strategies. This particular study consists of various data collection procedures in the area. Data analysis has been processed through illustrations and graphics to present the findings. The findings have also been supported by an international workshop held in Menemen in collaboration with Izmir University of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Adam Mickiewicz Institute and also the Menemen Pottery Makers Association. The workshop acted as a pilot study for this research, to convey the understanding of the pottery making, to promote the cultural production and to sustain and transfer its unique knowledge transculturally. Finally, this paper proposes a strategic model in order to contribute to sustainability of cultural heritage and development of Menemen.


new economy, cultural industries, sustainability, cultural heritage, sustainable development