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Sustainable Development Indicators: CompiteMAS, A New Platform For Small And Medium Enterprises


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R. Chamy, E. Vivanco, I. Sánchez


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso has been developing a National Project named “CompiteMAS”. One of the goals of that project is based on creating a set of sustainability indicators for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Chile. Today this platform is being implemented in other countries in the region. At least 30 general indicators for social, environmental and production aspects in companies were created, as well as 30 more indicators regarding specific sustainability features in specific sectors were added. A table of contents has been developed for each indicator, in which formula, periodicity, goals and description are described. Finally, individual data of each company are collected and included in the CompiteMAS platform. That website transforms social, environmental and production data into indicators to analyse the sustainability work for a specific period of time. After that, to establish a benchmark by each production sector, the calculated indicators are chosen by aspect to create a ranking. That matrix gives information to the organizations about their good results at, for example, energy efficiency or social responsibility actions, compared with the remaining companies for the same period and production sector. Thanks to that project, smaller Chilean companies can report their indicators using sustainability reporting as a strategy to enter into new markets, which demands transparency and the companies’ information.


small and medium enterprises, sustainability indicators, platform, benchmarking