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Analysis Of The Development In The Russian Arctic Zone


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N. Didenko, K. Kunze, D. Skripnuk


The socio-economic development of the Russian Arctic region includes the following areas of human activity: the social infrastructure, the institutional sector, the human development, the industrial sector and the ecology. The indicators evaluating each of these areas are characterized in the paper. The interdependence of human activities in the region is reflected in the regional socio-economic development model. In the regional socio-economic development model that is presented in the paper each area is characterized with indicators that can be endogenous and exogenous within the model. The socio-economic development model is a system of six econometric equations, whereas each of them is an ADL-model. Each ADL-model includes endogenous and exogenous variables. The paper presents the structural form of the system of six econometric equations, where one of them includes more than one endogenous variable. The transition to the reduced form of the system of six econometric equations was shown. Each equation here includes only one endogenous variable, i.e. endogenous variables are expressed through the exogenous ones. The system of six econometric equations was worked out for Nenetsk region of Russia. The statistical data was obtained from the Russian State Statistic Committee database. The solution for the system of six econometric equations is represented in the paper.


Russian Arctic region, socio-economic development, ADL-model, system of econometric equations