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Analysis Of The Possible Solutions For The Reduction Of Electric And Magnetic Fields Near 400 KV Overhead Transmission Lines


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M. Kokoruš, S. Delić, A. Mujezinović, M. Muratović, & A. Čaršimamović


This paper focuses on the optimization of the design of high voltage transmission lines in order to reduce the negative impact of electric and magnetic fields. Within this paper the results of measurements of electric and magnetic fields near 400 kV transmission line were presented. Measurements were performed in the middle of the range between two towers, because at this point transmission lines are closest to the ground. In order to make better validation of the used calculation models of electric and magnetic fields, measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity and height of particular transmission lines in the middle range, were performed simultaneously. The values of current and voltage on the transmission line, at the time of measurement of the fields, are also given. Based on the measured values of electric and magnetic fields, validation of calculation was performed. This paper also contains a brief comparative analysis of regulations on non-ionizing radiation of power facilities that are in use in some European countries, as well as recommendations of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Calculation of electric and magnetic fields of different configurations of 400 kV transmission line, were performed in order to find optimal solution in terms of reducing the negative impact of electric and magnetic fields of high voltage transmission


overhead transmission lines, electric and magnetic fields, calculations, transmission line configurations