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Environmental Impact Assessment Of The Proposed Residential Project \“NEST” For Enerrgia Skyi Developers In Pune, India


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U. S. Kulkarni, F. Sayed & K. M. Nair


M/s. Enerrgia Skyi Developers proposes developing a quality residential township \“NEST” at Bhugaon in Pune, India by converting the existing land to an evergreen piece of environmentally friendly settlement without displacing any of the present population. The proposed scheme consists of 20 towers of 12 floors with parking and 38 town houses spanning a total plot area of 172,282 sq. m. including a green belt of 85,766 sq. m. It will support environmentally viable activities like rainwater harvesting, 35% energy conservation plans, recycling of waste water and debris, etc. Also, the project proponent proposes developing a green belt to maintain the existing bio-diversity and minimize the air pollution that may arise during the operational phase. Out of the total existing 196 trees, 24 would be transplanted and 3100 more would be planted to enhance the ecosystem of this region. EIA was conducted by Fine Envirotech Engineers on this project, taking into account the important environmental parameters. BES and impact assessments were conducted in the area of 10 km around the proposed site. Depending on the spatial relationship of various land use along the project road and wind direction, quality monitoring of major parameters were performed at 5 different locations. The average readings of all important parameters like air, water, noise, socio-economic, biodiversity, etc. were found to be within permissible values stipulated by CPCB. Mitigating measures, environmental management plans, disaster management plans, and risk assessments will be adopted and conducted suitably. Thus, based on EIA, this project is environmentally sustainable and with effective EMP and DMP; it would have a major positive impact in the area on the whole. Keywords: township development, environmental impact assessment, rain water harvest, baseline environment study.


township development, environmental impact assessment, rain water harvest, baseline environment study.