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Sustainable Space System Planning On Urban Disaster Prevention And Hazard Assessment: A Case Study Of Tainan Metropolis, Taiwan


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T.-Y. Chen, Y.-K. Chen, P.-K. Tseng, C.-H. Tu & F.-Y. Shyr


This empirical research is based on the relevant theoretical research and previous circumstances to develop a case study to explore in space planning for disaster prevention and relief. The research aims to establish a database system of disaster prevention and rescue sites for urban disaster prevention planning in Tainan metropolis, Taiwan. Historical data of Tainan metropolis were analyzed to construct a customized disaster information system. Through constructing a disaster prevention and rescue site system, a service size of fundamental refuge rings in Tainan metropolis was calculated, and influences on hazard sites and potentials of flood hazard toward refuge sites were evaluated. Using the software of MapInfo as an external platform for the database and MapBasis as internal system content, we develop a customized model for Tainan metropolis based on its refuge shelters, hazard sites, rescue locations, route system, and resources. The system provides city government officers and rescue sectors with space information, specific site inquiry, and detailed information of a particular site. This research also proposes some strategies for space planning on disaster prevention and rescue sites. Keywords: space planning, disaster prevention, database system, hazard assessment.


Keywords: space planning, disaster prevention, database system, hazard assessment.