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A Self-sustaining Community Living Environment For Urban Golden Agers


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H. Mohd Ali & A. A. Ismail


From a biological perspective, the ageing process is a gradual change in the physical ability of humans that occurs with the passage of time. The current census showed only a mere 5.1% of the overall population in Malaysia is over 65 years old. However, it is predicted that the ageing population will grow in the next 10 to 20 years due to an increasing awareness of better healthcare. However, most golden-agers will live isolated lives due to various personal reasons such as death of spouse, divorce, health problems, abandoned by their children, etc. A decline in physical articulations and slow response in intellectual skills are common. As their limitations conflict with the rapid development of modern technology, some golden-agers may find themselves drifting away from this modern world due to a dynamic cultural shift. Their everyday needs should not be taken lightly as they are different from the mass population. Thus, the objective of the research is to develop the idea of a retirement community where the urban golden-agers can live in a self-sustaining environment and independently with their peer group. The retirement community focuses on the design process that involves juxtaposed dwelling units, a partially assisted medical assistance facility and a community centre. Through precedent study, universal housing design and an innovative design approach, the research proposed mixed mode community living that addresses the needs of golden-aged citizens in physiological, mental and spiritual aspects. The retirement community aims to give the senior citizens a living environment that is holistic and relates back to the urban context. Keywords: ageing process, design for urban golden-agers, self-sustaining, retirement community.


Keywords: ageing process, design for urban golden-agers, self-sustaining, retirement community.