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The Veladero Hill Integrated Ecosystem To The Touristic Sustainability Of Acapulco, Mexico


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H. Avilez, T. Rivas, Ma. E. Chavarría & A. Jaimes


The focus of the research is to explore one of the socioeconomic environmental phenomena known as the Protected Natural Areas (PNA) and to assess the impact on the host community of Acapulco as well as presenting sustainability evidence or the stage of environmental risk to establish a critical route of viability for its rescue. The location of Veladero hill is a large protected area located in the upper zone or amphitheater of Acapulco bay, Mexico, to the south of Mexico. It consists of an area of 3,159 hectares. With an expropriate decree of 1980 establish for its public use, the national park on the lands that by its location, configuration, topography, exceptional beauty, scientific worth, educative, recreational when needed, assists as an ecosystem to the improvement of the living conditions and welfare of the community, contributing the tourism development; as well as performing the necessary works for its conditioning and organization. Nevertheless, the regulatory framework establishes the conservation to the ecosystems, biodiversity including the ecological processes, natural changes and the eco-systemic services that permit the continuity, evolution of life, progress of human society through a set of policies, protection measures, inclusive management for sustainable use, restoration, involving knowledge processes, culture and management to the whole of society and the government in particular to rural communities, fishing and indigenous in the protected area. Finally, the Veladero hill for its vocation and skills is suitable for the establishment of a national park. However, given the laxity of authority, diverse areas have been occupied for residential purposes, which are a detriment to the preservation of its flora and wildlife, propitiating its erosion and contributing to gradual environmental degradation. Keywords: protected natural areas, ecosystems, evolution of life, protection measures.


Keywords: protected natural areas, ecosystems, evolution of life, protection measures.