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Challenges To Digital Collaborative Exchange For Sustainable Project Delivery Through Building Information Modelling Technologies


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A.-M. Mahamadu, L. Mahdjoubi & C. A. Booth


There has been growing recognition for the use of communication technologies to improve processes in sustainable infrastructure delivery. Building Information Modelling (BIM) based technologies have emerged for communication, data exchange and sharing between project delivery actors within a virtual 3D environment, where analysis and management of sustainability indicators is aided by information driven software and systems. Significant challenges, however, exist in relation to characteristics and current capability of technologies to deliver effective exchange. The challenges broadly relate to lack of interoperability, security and lack of adaptable standards, which is exacerbated by increasing intensity, size and complexity of data requirements to meet evolving knowledge base for sustainability management through communication and information modelling. In addition to dire effects on efficiency, effectiveness and cost of mitigation, it is argued that a key consequence of these challenges is an increasing perception of risk in relation to implementation challenges, information security and data integrity, which is causing reluctance to use BIM for information exchange. Research agenda is proposed to ascertain the relative impact of the above issues on the supply chain attitudes towards information exchange, as a premise for establishing their impact on overall effectiveness of BIM in delivering acceptable outcomes for data exchange including quality and adequacy of shared data. Keywords: construction projects, digital data, sustainability, Building Information Modelling (BIM).


Keywords: construction projects, digital data, sustainability, Building Information Modelling (BIM).