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Tools For Integrating Soil And Sub-soil In Sustainable Urban Planning


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A. Loschetter, A. Baills, F. Taillandier, J. M. Douguet F. Lebert, J. F. Lataste, D. Breysse, J. M. Valet, M. Dabas & M. Garnier


This work aims at developing the bases necessary for taking into account in an integrated manner the soil and sub-soil issues in urban development. The diversity of actors and of their concerns lead us to develop different tools, with dedicated uses: 1) a multi-actor debate-aid tool based on multi-criteria analysis, that makes more readable the diversity of challenges and viewpoints of actors; 2) a technical aid-tool with a database devoted to stakeholders, that makes an inventory of main issues that may be encountered during typical urban development projects and that enables to agglomerate the information from basic data in order to make it usable in the multi-actor public consultation; 3) a quantitative decision-making aid tool for enlightening the economic value of indispensable investigations. A conceptual framework is proposed, based on the expertise of the project partners in data gathering, in operational urban development or in project management. It is validated and tested on real test cases, corresponding to specific urban projects. Keywords: urban planning, soil, subsoil, multi-criteria multi-actor decision making tool, investigation value.


Keywords: urban planning, soil, subsoil, multi-criteria multi-actor decisionmaking tool, investigation value.