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Suspended Particulates And Air Pollution In Bicol’s Cities, Philippines


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A. B. Gonzales


Association between air pollution and a multitude of health effects are now well established. Given ubiquitous exposure to some level of air pollution, the attributed health burden can be high, particularly for susceptible populations. In order to perform air quality measurements that are representative of a larger domain or a certain degree of pollution, a study on the air quality condition of the three main cities in the Bicol Region, namely; Legaspi, Naga and Iriga was conducted. The study focused on the parameters in determining air quality conditions. It also sought after the air condition in terms of Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) in the study areas and identified the main sources of the pollutants in the monitoring stations or observatories. The method used the comparative ex-post facto approach to compare and measure the total suspended particulate content in the three cities. The study revealed that the results are within the criteria, which means that the air is not yet dangerous to the health of the residents. Based on the emission inventory conducted by EMB Office from 2005, cars and utility vehicles were identified as the significant contributor of TSP. Burning of wood and dried leaves were primary sources of incomplete combustion in the stations. Carbon monoxide from vehicle exhausts is also a source of pollutant. In the light of the findings of the study, it is recommended that the residents in the subject cities must be aware of the Clean Air Act Program to comply with what they are expected to do, and be able to perform their duty on how to have a clean air and environment. A continuous implementation of the anti-smoke belching campaign as well as an intensified information and education advocacy will definitely help in the attainment of a better air quality in each city. Keywords: air quality condition, Bicol’s cities, suspended particulates, pollution.


air quality condition, Bicol’s cities, suspended particulates, pollution.