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Multicriteria Model For The Selection Of Traceability And Temperature Control Technologies Along The Cold Chain


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P. Zubía Aloy, E. Mechó Laussac, V. Cloquell Ballester & D. Moya Ramírez


The key point of any cold supply chain is a proper control of the temperature. Unfortunately, the selection of temperature control systems is usually made by taking into account just economic factors instead of using a multi factor criterion. Thus, the selected option turns into a short-time solution that must be redesigned later or even substituted by another technology to accomplish with the requirements that were not taken into account during the selection process. Commonly, there is not such revision and the companies get a semi-operative multi-problematic temperature tracking system not trusted by the workers and whose potential is partially – if not fully- missed. To avoid this situation, this paper presents a multicriteria model developed for this purpose and tested in two R&D cold chain projects partnered by ITENE: an ice-cream cold chain project funded by Spanish Ministry of Education and a fresh hake Chile-Spain supply chain studied under the umbrella of the Chill-On project, funded by the EU 6th FP. Finally, the data extracted from the two selected cold chains is studied under the scope of the multicriteria decision methodology, by viewing the different approaches and by selecting the most suitable options for this purpose, thus setting a proper solution for this problem. Keywords: logistics, multiple criteria decision, RFID, cold chain, supply chain, traceability.


logistics, multiple criteria decision, RFID, cold chain, supply chain,traceability