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Container Maritime Transport On An International Scale: A Choice Model Of Service And Hub Port


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F. Russo, G. Chilà & D. Iannò


In this work we present a model to simulate container service of maritime transport on an international scale, considering the alternatives hub and spoke and point-to-point. Given the alternative hub and spoke, the choice of hub port is simulated. Several model specifications are proposed. An experimentation according to the independency of the two choices, maritime service and hub port, is carried out for the Mediterranean basin. Keywords: freight transport, service choice, international scale. 1 Introduction On an international and, especially, an intercontinental scale, freight transport via sea dominates other transport modes, as experimentally highlighted. While on an intracontinental scale, freight transport via railway is significant; on an intercontinental scale, it is not competitive. Therefore, on an intercontinental scale it is important to simulate the joint choice of transport mode/service and not only the choice of transport mode. In most cases, the choices of container service and hub port (for transhipment service) are supposed to be independent and then probability choices are simulated according to a factorial approach. Positive results obtained according to this hypothesis shows how good this method is, even if, in order to consider the interaction between the two levels of choices, an approach simulating jointly mode/service and hub port could further improve the results.


freight transport, service choice, international scale.