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Container Maritime Transport On An International Scale: A Model To Simulate The Demand Flow In The Mediterranean Basin


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F. Russo & V. Assumma


This paper presents a model to simulate the freight demand flow of containers on an international scale, considering as a reference area the Mediterranean basin. The models specified and calibrated represent a development of models used in the literature and they are applied to assess the effects of modifications on the configuration of the national transport system. The modifications correspond to different exogenous scenarios, relative to national and international socioeconomic and demographic variables. Some results emerge from the analysis of the calibrated models, in particular concerning the importance of the different maritime services for import and export. Keywords: freight, international mobility, container. 1 Introduction The objective of this paper is the development of models to simulate the freight demand flow in the Mediterranean basin exchanged by containers. The models in literature are of interregional type or just crossborder [1], few papers treat transport models on an international level. In particular, there are no transport models involving industrialized countries and developing countries. A detailed classification of international freight transportation models is reported in [2]. This work is part of a two-year research project financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, whose general objective is to define guidelines for the


freight, international mobility, container.