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Eco-industrial Parks: Technologies And Procedures For Low Environmental Impacts


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A. Boeri & D. Longo


Negative environmental impacts related to the production system entail the rethinking of existing industrial areas and its organizational and technical requirements. An eco-industrial area is a new organization of the production site that aims to facilitate companies to achieve their environmental objectives. The model of this area is based on the assumption that infrastructures and services are present in the industrial site and managed so to create business development, reducing environmental impact. This new concept of industrial area, characterized by organizational and technical requirements aiming at minimizing the environmental impacts, arises from the need to replace the so-called end-of-pipe approach with the principle of prevention one, therefore removing, as much as possible, pollutants from the production cycle. An ever increasing number of countries are regulating new and existing industrial areas, through specific standards that provide measures and actions taking into consideration the ecological aspects. The production model of ecological industrial areas is based on the principle of low environmental impact, assured through planning of infrastructures, services and production cycles resulting in territory and companies’ development, while preventing and controlling environmental pollution. This paper focuses on the importance of technological innovation. In particular it aims at defining the performance of industrial areas and at contributing to the definition of specific environmental factors monitoring: the greenhouse effect, CO2 emissions, the presence of toxic elements, the consumption of non renewable resources (energy and materials), the exploitation of natural resources, the depletion of biodiversity, soil contamination, water and air pollution, as well as noise and electromagnetic pollution.


innovation, technology, sustainability, environmentally friendly industry, university research