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Tailoring The Needs For A Better Living: An Urban Renewal Scheme On Low Cost Housing


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A. F. Bakri, S. S. Zubir, Z. Samadi & H. Osman


Low cost housing has always been associated with a lot of problems such as insufficient number of parking, dirty, overcrowded, improper sanitation and high crime rate. This paper presents an alternative solution to redevelop one of the oldest Industrialized Building System (IBS) housing scheme in Riffle Range, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Situated within the peripheries of Georgetown, the plain and functional looking development consists of 9 blocks of flats with 3682 residential units accommodating more than 15,000 people. The one and twobedroom residential units were found not only insufficient in terms of habitable spaces but also have created unstable social conditions. The aim of this paper is to provide a design solution that creates better quality of life for the community. It focuses on incorporating IBS modular system in the new development by creating various possibilities and versatility of arranging units to overcome the monotonous look and also providing more residential units. It also provides a more conducive living with a more appropriate recreational and community spaces. By using recycle materials and adapting to the existing infrastructures, it is hoped that this urban renewal scheme will benefit the community and the stakeholders. Synoptic method of design was used where analysis were done, alternatives searched and comparisons were made to find the best solution to the problem. The results of the study showed that the issues can be solved by incorporating sustainable urban design approaches which will incorporates a vibrant, comfortable and sustainable environment for the residents. Keywords: industrialized building system, modular, sustainable, low cost housing.


industrialized building system, modular, sustainable, low cost housing