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Analysis Of Lung Cancer Incidence Relating To Air Pollution Levels Adjusting For Cigarette Smoking: A Case-control Study


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P. R. Band, H. Jiang & J. M. Zielinski


A case-control study (lung cancer: 2711; age and sex matched non-lung cancer controls: 2711) encompassing the years 1986-2004 was undertaken further to the results of increased mortality and cancer incidence in Windsor, Canada. The objective was to investigate associations between lung cancer incidence and exposure to air pollutants controlling for cigarette smoking and duration of residence. A nominal file of cases and controls ascertained by the Ontario Cancer Registry was obtained from Cancer Care Ontario; smoking information and addresses of residence within Windsor were obtained respectively from medical charts at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre and from the Windsor City Directories. For each case and control and for each air pollutant, a cumulative exposure was calculated based on duration of residence at each address location; the centroid of postal codes of addresses was used as proxy for residential location. For each location, annual NO2 and SO2 levels were estimated, using Land Use Regression based on results from 54 monitors within Windsor. Results obtained from conditional likelihood regression for matched or stratified data, (including sex, age at diagnosis, numbers of cigarette smoked per day and duration of smoking as covariates) are presented. Keywords: air pollution, cigarette smoking, lung cancer, case-control study.


air pollution, cigarette smoking, lung cancer, case-control study