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Environmental Tools Of Atmospheric Protection In The Czech Republic


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O. Malíková & M. Černíková


The Czech’s relationship to the environment and its protection has undergone a relatively long development. In the late 20th century the Czech Republic changed the political system as well as its environmental behaviour. At the beginning of this period the Czech Republic was one of the most polluted regions of Europe. With the change of a political situation in 1989, problematic status of the air pollution in the Czech Republic has been significantly improved. Current status and positive progress of the environment in the context of a sustainable development is guaranteed by the EU legislation also in the Czech Republic. The aim of this paper is to discuss the status of atmospheric protection and its efficient tools used in the Czech Republic. In accordance with the sustainable development requirements, advanced countries establish systems of environmental tools affecting interaction between manufacturing corporations and the major components of the environment, especially air. The paper describes the system of atmospheric protection in the Czech Republic and administrative tools which are quite efficient and well applicable in a corporate environment. The tools however bring plenty of problems as well. The paper analyzes increased attention to economic tools, especially the potential of a tax system. Another issue that is recently discussed quite frequently is the so-called ecological tax reform which could also be used as another important environmental tool. A new dimension of the environmental regulation of atmospheric protection is represented by voluntary activities of the companies. For a successful combination of atmospheric environmental protection instruments in the Czech Republic it is necessary to assess their economic efficiency and environmental performance. The Czech Republic has proved the system for effective atmospheric protection which brings significant results. Despite the improvements, there are still developed and implemented new tools for atmospheric protection. Keywords: atmospheric protection, environmental tools, administrative tools,


atmospheric protection, environmental tools, administrative tools