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Study For Sustainable Traffic Strategy In Local Government Perspective: A Contribution Towards A Strategy For Mobility


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V. Guerreiro da Silva & M. P. Amado


The sustainable development of cities is one of the main concerns in territorial planning and management. Mobility and accessibility are two essential areas for balanced development in urban areas. This paper aims to bring an awareness of mobility and accessibility to the transport problems in the Cascais area where the movements of the population cause traffic problems. This project offers alternatives solutions to public collective transport using innovative solutions supported with the use of new technology. Mobility in the urban areas is a key factor in sustainable development and obtaining feasible economic and social cohesion. Keywords: mobility, sustainable development, strategy, urban planning. 1 Introduction The Study of Traffic from the Perspective of Local Government (STPLG) will allow the Municipal Council of Cascais to recognize all aspects associated with the problem of transport and of people and goods within the geographic limits of the municipality, and adopt new future strategies in the area of planning, management territorial and urbanism. This will enable the municipality to take action in the transport system, thus enhancing both mobility and accessibility for its constituents [1]. The distribution and emergence of new centers of attraction giving rise to journeys (e.g. the zone of Cascais shopping in Alcabideche) and the irrefutable


mobility, sustainable development, strategy, urban planning