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Relocating MIU To The Cityscape: Gentrifying Wynwood’s Art District From Industrial To Institutional


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Y. A. Perez


This study explores the use of gentrification as a catalyst to regenerate a decaying urban environment. The study will propose relocating a university (Miami International University of Art & Design, MIU) the catalyst, to a decaying urban art district (Wynwood). Although gentrification generally carries a negative connotation, the type of gentrification projected in this study promotes the best interest for the community without displacing individuals. After all, gentrification’s main objective is neighborhood improvement. MIU will be transformed into an urban university that will make a significant contribution to the Wynwood Art District and will play a vital role in enhancing the community. The new urban location will mutually benefit MIU, and the community by contributing to the gentrification of the Wynwood Art District, and enhancing the university’s and the community’s image. This study will reveal the benefits of relocating the university, and redirecting its growth from place to placemaking. Based on Edward M. Spicer’s research document \“What is an Urban University?” the research will analyze similar urban institutions and develop best practices for implementation to MIU. Among the case studies will be: (1) Columbia University in the USA, (2) Portland State University in the USA, and (3) the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. These case studies differ in educational philosophies but agree in the importance of an urban institution for the community and students. The fusion of MIU and the Wynwood Art District will result as an integrative link of the place, and a symbol of cultural function. The objective is the showcase MIU, but also as an integral art centerpiece that binds together institution and community. Keywords: gentrification, neoliberals, urban university, neighborhood change.


gentrification, neoliberals, urban university, neighborhood change. The Sustainable World 27