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New Integrated Noise Absorbing Coating


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Z. J. Ji, J. M. Wang, G. H. Liu & J. Wang


Nowadays, with growing concerns about our living environment in general, environmental pollution is becoming the most important problem that the world faces. One aspect of that pollution is of noise, and our research has been focusing on the problem for a long time resulting in a product which is now available in the form of a coating. This noise absorbing coating has some virtues. Firstly, it is as easy to paint as a normal water-based coating which will not result in organic pollution. Secondly, artistic effect is also a characteristic when the coating is applied. Thirdly, it has an extra function which can adjust environmental humidity to a comfortable level. Finally, the most important point is that this product has a price advantage compared to similar products. Keywords: integrated, noise absorbing, water-based, humidity absorption. 1 Introduction Nowadays, noise pollution has become a new focus around the world. It has not only influenced people’s normal life, but also induced some deadly disease. Since noise problems have become much more serious, the demand for a better environment and comfortable life increases. Materials, which can absorb and reduce noise waves, are strongly desired. Accordingly, researchers have paid much attention to the sound absorbing features of varied granular or particle materials, especially porous materials. The porous materials, including mineral materials, fibres, foams and perforated plates, are widely used in architectural acoustic design owing to their sound absorption characteristics [1–7]. And, porous materials have been successfully applied in noise barriers walls and freeways. But, porous materials are not good at low noise frequency. Even more, porous materials are usually quite thick and made into plates for application [8, 9].


integrated, noise absorbing, water-based, humidity absorption