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Flooding And Post Flooding Response Strategies In Ghana


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D. K. Ahadzie & D. G. Proverbs


Flooding is an inevitable phenomenon but in recent years the flooding of major cities and conurbations has been the cause of disasters on an unprecedented scale. In this respect, a most critical issue for all cities whether developing or developed is to be fully prepared in their response towards mitigating the worst effects should flooding occur. This demands a full understanding of the recurring challenges that confront cities especially those in developing countries where institutional capacity is weak. Using the qualitative technique of content analysis, the management and structural themes emerging from Ghanaian newspapers in respect of flood recovery, innovations and response for the last five years are identified, analyzed and reported. Evidence induced will help international players of the flood recovery agenda appreciate the preparedness of \“typical” developing countries such as Ghana in the global attempt towards effective management to mitigate the worst effects of this act of God. To this extent, the findings could be useful towards searching for an international framework for influencing policy decisions in respect to flood recovery and response in developing countries such as Ghana. Keywords: content analysis, flood response, Ghana, West Africa. 1 Introduction Ghana lies in the West Africa Sub-region a few miles north of the Equator, and as with many West African Countries, rainfall is noted to be the most important


content analysis, flood response, Ghana, West Africa