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Property Level Flood Protection: A New Effective And Affordable Solution


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D. W. Beddoes & C. A. Booth


Property flooding is a major problem and the risk of flooding continues to escalate. At present, the majority of property owners take no steps to mitigate future flood damage. A review of the main factors influencing the uptake of flood protection reveals property owners have the desire to act but not the ability to act. The latter involves making choices, which require knowledge, belief and finance. Unfortunately, there seems to be no choice of measures both acceptable to the property owner and also offer full property protection, which may be the main reason for a lack of uptake. A new innovative solution, known as ‘The Flexible Skirting System’ (patent GB2452423), is presented, which is a cost effective combination of resistance and resilience approaches. Compared to other flood protection measures already commercially available, the system is quick and simple to install, aesthetically acceptable, offers less disruption and is affordable. Moreover, this system is possibly the choice needed to enable property owners to make the decision to install flood protection against all routes of floodwater ingress. Keywords: flood, property, resistance, resilience, cost, solution, government grant. 1 Introduction The number of global disasters attributable to floods is increasing [1]. Concomitantly, society is beginning to experience changes in wind patterns, storm intensity, storm frequency, and rainfall [2]. Climate change, coupled with increased societal pressure to further develop on floodplains, will result in a


flood, property, resistance, resilience, cost, solution, government grant