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EU FloodEx 2009: An Analysis Of Testing International Assistance During A Worst Credible Flood Scenario In The North Sea Area


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R. J. J. Beerens, B. Kolen & I. Helsloot


This paper discusses a case study example of testing international disaster response assistance within the European Union during a worst credible flood scenario in the North Sea area. It describes and evaluates the processes of requesting and receiving international assistance and the field operations with responding international teams during an exercise for large scale flooding (‘EU FloodEx 2009’). It also discusses some of the issues identified during this exercise in the Netherlands. Additionally the characteristics of an (inter)national response in the case of flooding are related to various processes and the effectiveness after initiating them. For initiating and planning of these processes, the results of the exercise are reflected to availability of information during a threat or flood with regards to warning, decision making and response in case of uncertainty. The paper also introduces the structures, mechanisms and teams at the disposal of the Dutch and EU flood response community. It ends by discussing some experiences of ‘EU FloodEx 2009’ to improve the design of the EU response system and future exercises by implementing the lessons identified. Keywords: flood response, exercise, international disaster response, evacuation, FloodEx.


flood response, exercise, international disaster response, evacuation,FloodEx