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Values Held By Young Stakeholders On Financial Planning Regarding Liabilities For Nuclear Decommissioning


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B. Labor & S. Lindskog


Nuclear waste programmes have from time to time encountered set-backs related to lack of trust from society. One experience is that it is necessary that all nuclear work be conducted in accordance with high standards on health and the environment, including funding for future environmental liabilities according to the Polluter Pays Principle (PPP). Another experience is that it is imperative to communicate with the stakeholders, and to understand the reasons for their positions. Surveys on opinions have usually been based on response by letter and similar. In particular for young stakeholders, this has implied very low response rates and associated low validities of the results. The present work is based on an experimental programme with altogether 880 personal interviews in three towns in Poland with a near 100% response rate. The conclusions include the following: • sustainable energy sources are favoured (nuclear power is one option); • the values are based on safety and environmental aspects; • the Polluter Pays Principle is to be honoured; • there is a scepticism concerning the will and capability of present decision makers to implement this principle; • there is too little basis for educated opinions; • there is no difference between the sexes; • it is necessary to use more comprehensive communication channels. Keywords: nuclear, decommissioning, dismantling, radioactivity, environmental, liability, fund, cost calculation, stakeholders, values.


nuclear, decommissioning, dismantling, radioactivity, environmental,liability, fund, cost calculation, stakeholders, values