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Estimating The Economic Benefits Of Redeveloping The Former Athens International Airport


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D. Damigos & E. Laliotis


This paper illustrates the results of a survey carried out in order to evaluate two alternatives suggested for the redevelopment of the former Athens International Airport, a project known as \“Hellenikon Metropolitan Park”. The first plan provides for a mixed-use park involving both green areas with cultural, sports and leisure facilities and commercial uses that will offer a financial return. The second plan proposes solely the development of a green park with light recreational facilities. In order to examine the situation from a social point of view, the effect of the proposed plans to the property prices in the surrounding area is examined by means of the Fuzzy Delphi Method. The results indicate that although both plans will positively affect the price of dwellings in a similar influence zone, the second plan will create a premium almost 60% higher, compared to the first one. Although a clear answer can only be obtained through further research, the findings could be used in order to justify the evaluation of the proposed land-use alternatives. Keywords: Fuzzy Delphi Method, property values, brownfields redevelopment, urban green areas. 1 Introduction Since the mid-1980s, there has been a growing recognition that brownfields (i.e. former industrial sites, airports, railway stations, etc.) should not be solely seen as a problem (e.g. due to pre-existing historic contamination) but also as an opportunity for enhancing local development in a sustainable manner. The policies implemented so far intend primarily to lessen the costs and risks


Fuzzy Delphi Method, property values, brownfields redevelopment, urban green areas