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A Global Tool For The Architectural And Environmental Quality Of Materials Integrated Into The Architectural Design Process


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L. Fernandez1,2, F. Bonneaud1 & S. Lorente2


In the very first phase of a design project the architect must choose both the materials and implementation processes. We propose in this work a global and cross-cutting design tool, \“MaTerre’iO”, to help the architect to make his choices based on environmental quality concerns. Firstly, we present the initial context of our work. Tools such as ours are still recent in the area of environmental architecture, and are often complex because they require a high level of expertise to be used correctly. This is why the objective of \“MaTerre’iO” is to offer pragmatic information on the quality of materials starting at the beginning of the very first draft, in order to guide the various actors of the building project throughout the process of design. Then, we explain the principles of \“MaTerre’iO”: 1. to provide a global outlook, which is particularly needed in architecture; 2. to respect the design process phases (evolution of the nature of the requested input data); 3. to provide an easier comprehension to non-expert eyes on the environmental and technical aspects. A multicriterion grid provides a comprehensive view of the project. Next, we develop two of the criteria of our multicriterion analysis grid, and illustrate them through one example: (i) the physical pollution that governs the impact on the environment, on health and on the quantities of waste, and (ii) the footprint of energy consumption and resources consumption. The multicriterion analysis grid allows a multidisciplinary approach. It is based on three approaches: the global approach for architects, the awareness approach for the participating actors and the expert


environmental quality, tool, materials, architecture, footprint of energy consumption, physical pollution, multicriterion analysis grid